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WilloWomen World™ is a global movement and community that empowers women to embrace their extraordinary creative capacity, compassion, and balanced, right relationship with their innate feminine and masculine power. We ignite personal greatness and strive to shape a world where feminine consciousness thrives.

WilloWomen World™ nurtures a vibrant community of inner-empowered women on the path of elevated Soul embodiment, higher purpose, expanded knowing, self-trust and realization, and enhanced organic intelligence and capacity for creating a New Human Era. Together, we uplift our human experience and ascend to our shared collective destiny on Earth.

“Like the Willow, women rise, bending with the winds of change, their roots anchored in ancestral wisdom. Together, they break free from limitations, embracing an evolved, liberated human experience, nurturing a better tomorrow
for all.”

Carolyn and Nina

Founders, WilloWomen World

We are WilloWomen World Strong and Resilient like a Willow Tree.

The Willow Tree, a symphony of grace and resilience, dances with the winds of change in the garden of life. Its supple branches, like the flowing tresses of Mother Nature, remind us to bend, not break, under life’s gentle nudges and mighty gusts. As WilloWomen™ embark on their mystical journey, they emulate the Willow’s Wisdom.  They delve deep, like the Willow’s roots, seeking nourishment from the wellspring of their Souls. Their unity, like the Willow’s lush canopy, shelters the growth of inner blooms, a testament to the artistry of transformation in the garden of existence.

Awakening the Greatest Evolution in Women,
One Sacred Willow Circle at a Time

We are WilloWomen World Awakening Womens Greatest Evolution
We are WilloWomen World Inpowered in Supportive Community

InPowered Women in a
Supportive Community

Through the art of Soul Sculpting WilloWomen™ orchestrates an inner alchemy that molds women into their truest essence and radiant expressed self. This evolutionary process, guided by our nurturing community and empowering processes, opens the petals of inner strength, creativity, and wisdom. As the Soul is Sculpted, it radiates brilliant light outward, creating a powerful ripple effect that shapes “InPowered” women as confident and purposeful Willow Mystics™ who inspire positive change in the world.

Unveiling and Revealing the Radiant Willow Mystic™ Within

Emerging from the cocoon of Soul Sculpting, the Radiant Willow Mystic™ within you unveils with grace, ease, and authenticity.  Each layer shed becomes a canvas for your inner brilliance to colorfully paint the world with your wisdom, compassion, and transformative energy.

We are WilloWomen World<br />
Evolving Willow Mystics
We are WilloWomen World Rising as One

Rising as One: Embracing the Unity

You are inspired to join our generous, ever-evolving community nurturing your contribution as an important part of the interconnected ethos and tapestry of ME-WE-US-ARE-ALL-ONE. The Will of Women rising together is the key to our Evolutionary Awakening and essential impact for the New Human Era.

Global Movement: A Willow Mystic™ in Every Community

Arriving at ME-WE-US-ARE-ALL-ONE marks the pinnacle of your greatest evolution. You have now become a Willow Mystic™ Emissary spreading your radiant gifts and essence throughout your community. As you uphold the resonance of the Law of One, you hold the frequency and vibration that unites all, embodying the alchemical power of unity and oneness.

We are WilloWomen World<br />
A Global Movement

As the Willow rises, women surge with unstoppable power, shattering chains, and liberating humanity into an evolved, liberated future. Women are the force that molds a brighter tomorrow for all, a relentless torrent of transformation.

Carolyn and Nina

Founders, WilloWomen World

Guiding your journey, Nina and Carolyn skillfully craft and nurture the Sacred Willow Circles™, embracing standards of presence and expansiveness. Within this space, discover moments for reflection, personal connection, laughter, joy, rituals, ceremony, and jubilant celebration.

“Carolyn and Nina are like Modern Midwives for LIFE – Life in Full Expression. They are gifted in harnessing the power of ceremony, the beauty of ritual, the wisdom of the feminine heart, and the multidimensional consciousness of the women’s higher mind.”


WilloWomen™ is a vibrant community
and empowering movement.

Awaken Your Greatest Evolution – Our Invitation to You

The WilloWomen Way of Evolutionary Awakening™ cultivates universal understanding
and compassion that resonates with selflessness, service to others and ascended
consciousness. WilloWomen World™ (WWW) offers a sacred journey of evolutionary
proportions that illuminates next-level wisdom, six sensory insight, higher human
intelligence, and humanitarianism that propels each of us into the fulfillment of our
personal and collective destiny.

A Pathway Beyond Conventions

Your journey with us isn’t a conventional path; it’s a sacred, personal journey. Our
promise is to provide a structure that honors your growth, respects your process, and
guides you through profound initiations. With The WilloWomen Way of Alchemical
Transcendance and Integration Circles™, your transformation is destined to be both
extraordinary and uniquely yours.

I embrace my sacred journey within,
I am the alchemist of my evolution.

Our Vision

WilloWomen World™ is a catalyst for a global movement, where the collective courage and Will of Women converges to create a New Human Era. We envision a humanity where women are united, contributing their unique strengths, voices and radiant leadership and presence in pursuit of a more equitable, caring, and empowered reality. We recognize that our purpose transcends personal transformation and spiritual growth and represents a larger call to action in recognition that through evolutionary awakening, we can finally break through the conditioned and programmed myths, limitations and false beliefs that have restricted humanity from realizing a better existence on earth.

Our Mission

A Humanity Beyond Conditioned Limits

The WilloWomen World™ mission is to become the leading catalyst for global change inspired and powered through women, where the Will of Women is elevated through the evolutionary transformative development, training, coaching, facilitation within the context of immersive circles, intensives and retreats that embolden women through The WilloWomen Way of Evolutionary Awakening, Alchemical Transcendance and Integration Circle™.

“Unlocking your dormant potential is a journey fueled by self-awareness, intention, and persistent action. It’s about discovering the strengths and passions that define your essence, crafting goals that resonate with your authentic self, and embarking on bold explorations that light up your Soul.”

Nina Roberts Salveson

Co-founder, WilloWomen World

Our Promise to You is Our Credo

Our WilloWomen™ promise is more than evolutionary transformation; it’s a joyfully
loving embrace of aliveness. We flow with laughter, play in delight, and revel in vibrant joy, crafting a world where every moment radiates with the magic of limitless possibilities”. – Nina and Carolyn, Founders, WilloWoman World

A Journey Beyond Limits

WilloWomen World™ (WWW) transcends boundaries
to unite and empower women globally. Guided by The WilloWomen Way of Evolutionary Awakening through Alchemical Transcendance™, we cultivate transformative experiences, instilling deep change, empowerment, six sensory skill sets, and unity in ME-WE-US-ARE-ALL ONE. We contribute to a global movement among empowered women shaping the New Human Era.

Your Sacred Transformation

As a WilloWoman™, you will experience a Sacred Passage — a nurtured, celebrated, and integrated journey. Embrace profound self-remembrance and evolutionary growth with us.

We offer an unhurried experience, unfolding at your
pace, guided by the Sacred Spiral Process of
Alchemical Transcendance™.

Guiding Your Evolution

We commit to guiding your evolution through Alchemical Transcendance™ with care and reverence. Each initiation is a portal to deep transformation, tailored to your pace and needs.

Embracing Your Willow Mystic™ Soul

Join WilloWomen™ and begin your evolutionary journey to embrace a dynamic space and community that honors your mystic Soul’s brilliance. Experience our supportive
Sacred Willow Circle™

Unveiling Joyful Evolution

Your journey promises your unhurried, joyful evolution within the space of the Sacred Willow Circle™. We celebrate milestones and ensure your alchemical process aligns with your authentic self – so that you evolve and elevate – your way, your pace.

Crafting Your Alchemical Path

The WilloWomen Way of Alchemical Transcendance and Integration Circle™ guides you in crafting your path through Soulful initiations, enriched by beautiful, caring, kind,
supportive and joyful space, reflection, and connection.
Your growth is our dedication.

Your Evolution, Your Rhythm

Trust your unique rhythm. WilloWomen™ respects
your transformation’s pace, guiding your growth and
supporting integration.

A Promise of Sacred Unity

Experience unity within our Mystic Willow Integration Circle™, celebrating your voice, purpose, and growth. Together, we weave a tapestry of unity from your transformation.

A Pathway Beyond Conventions

Our unconventional journey is sacred.
We provide a structure honoring growth, respecting process, and guiding profound initiations.

Your Amplified Potential

With The WilloWomen Way™, embrace a real, celebrated, and revered alchemical process. Unfold your unique evolution resonating deeply with your Soul’s purpose.

“Nina and Carolyn are expert facilitators, creators of sacred space, ritual, and ceremony, and have an exceptionally keep grasp of energetics, sound, and frequency. They are dedicated to helping women break free, radiantly awaken, and live from their inner power and light.”


“The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

– Lao Tzu

We are WilloWomen World<br />
Inpowered Community One Circle at a Time<br />

“Embracing the WilloWomen™ community means harnessing the potent force
of “In-Powerment” within a vibrant collective. It’s a journey where women unite,
transform, and radiate their inner power, shaping a world brimming with courage,
compassion, and boundless potential.”
– Nina and Carolyn, Founders, WilloWomen World

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“The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” – Lao Tzu

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