Pathway Services Sacred Harmonix Fusion Session

Sacred Harmonix Fusion Sessions™ Evolutionary Healing and Energetic Restoration

Sacred Harmonix Fusion ™ sessions, expertly curated by Nina and Carolyn, offer an exquisite journey akin to a gentle rolling wave, a luminous tapestry woven through the Sacred Willow Chamber’s tranquil ambiance. In the heart of this sanctuary, time takes on a different hue, stretching into a 3-hour lullaby, cradling you in restful depths while enveloping you in blissful serenity.

Sacred Harmonix Fusion sessions extend their embrace to various individuals and collectives. Whether you seek a transformative experience as an individual or wish to share this profound journey with a partner, family, or those navigating moments of transition, Harmonix Fusion stands as a sanctuary and a sacred bridge.

At the outset, your experience within begins with a gentle clarity dialogue that supports clarity of your intention, so that the whispers of your heart’s desire create a harmonious resonance and tone for your Harmonix session.

The sacred crystal energy grid, curated to your unique essence, is the next stop on this profound sojourn. Intuitively crafted to capture the essence of your intention, this
customized grid becomes a conduit, channeling the frequencies and energies that will serve you best during this sacred session.

Your intention guides you into the luminous depths of your Harmonix Fusion experience. As you surrender, you’ll begin to perceive and interact with the divine quantum realm of love, an alchemical weave of energies that meld and fuse to elevate your overall whole-well- being.

This cosmic dance features a harmonious fusion of metaphysical coaching, somatic realignment, and soul-spirit synthesis. The rhythm of harmonizing sounds and the play of celestial light create an enchanting symphony of frequencies. Here, the sacred embrace of mudras and mantras invites your entire being to resonate with the harmonious symphony of existence.

Within your inner sanctuary, you’ll be supported through the currents of change while deepening your understanding and alignment within the universal flow. Each sacred note within the symphony of Harmonix Fusion echoes your personal journey of self-discovery and soul alignment within the grand cosmic composition.

Sacred Harmonix Fusion Sessions:

  • Ideal for individuals and small groups, including partners, families, and friends.
  • A sacred bridge through moments of transition, supporting harmonious alignment
    within the universal flow.
  • Ascend your well-being through transformative frequencies, echoing your journey
    of self-discovery within the cosmic composition.

To Schedule:
Contact: Willow@WillowWomen.World to schedule. Payment in advance is required. If
cancellation less than 24 hours in advance, no refund. If there is an emergency or illness, rescheduling permitted within one week.

Location: Sacred Willow Chamber, Minneapolis, MN
Exchange: $369 per person, up to 4 people for a private session.

*Speaking Engagements, Breakouts or for Larger groups contact us directly.

My journey through Sacred Harmonix Fusion with Carolyn and Nina was freeing and awe-inspiring. I know that it kick-started my deepest transformation and more aligned  knowing of myself. I feel more alive, grounded, and confident in taking big, bold steps in creating the life I want without fear and doubt. WilloWomen is much, much more than an experience – it is a life-altering passage to create the life I choose.


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