Alchemical Transcendance™ is a multidimensional, dynamic fluid spiral process that transcends the boundaries of ordinary existence. You will be supported and guided to awaken your dormant potential and expand into your higher intelligence and dimensional ways of knowing. The process involves transmissions, activations, attunements, initiations, and seals.

Alchemical Transcendance Stages

  1. Building the Foundations of Evolutionary Awakening
  2. Healing the Past and Breaking the Chains
  3. Turning Wounds into Anchored Wisdom
  4. Activating the Divine Feminine Heart and Heart Womb
  5. Harmonizing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
  6. Revealing the Alchemical Formulas for Evolutionary Awakening
  7. Mastering Momentum Manifesting The Energetic Magnetizer Method
  8. Elevating The Will of Women Rising for the New Human Era
  9. Becoming a Modern Willow Mystic
  10. Crafting Your Soul Credo
  11. Living in Full Expression of Your Highest Personal Potential
  12. Crystallizing and Declaring Your Soul Purpose and Life Blueprint

Discover The WilloWomen Way of Alchemical Transcendence™, an empowering program of profound spiritual initiations. These initiations are your guiding light towards authentic embodiment of your multidimensional nature and connection to your supreme self, bathed in the brilliance of divine light.

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