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Welcome to The WilloWomen Evolutionary Services, where we specialize in guiding midlife women through transformative journeys into next-level wellness and empowerment. Our comprehensive services encompass Evolutionary Wellness, tailored to meet the unique needs of women navigating this pivotal stage of life. From navigating grief to embracing renewal and resilience beyond loss to harnessing the alchemy of energy to fostering mastery through coaching and mentoring, we’re here to support you as a MidLife Woman every step of the way. Experience the transformative power of our Harmonix Fusion Meditation Sessions and let us help you create sacred, conscious spaciousness within yourself where growth and inner empowerment flourishes.

Join us on the WilloWomen Way and embark on a journey of revitalizing empowerment and evolution. This is The WilloWomen Way of Evolutionary Wellness; Revitalize, Empower, Evolve!

Thriving Wellness

Evolutionary Wellness

acknowledges our perpetual growth, physically and spiritually.

It’s about nurturing every facet of our being – Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul and Life – to support our journey of self-realization and optimal wellness. Evolutionary Wellness is a comprehensive and dynamic approach to well-being that recognizes the interconnectedness of all dimensions of life. It aims to nurture and balance the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, environmental, and societal/community aspects of an individual, fostering overall health and happiness.

Join us for a transformative experience designed for MidLife women seeking both rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Grief through Renewal

Evolutionary Renewal

offers a roadmap for navigating the complexities of grief with courage and grace. This tranformative journey through loss, grief, and remembrance supports individuals to move beyond. Through this transformative journey, individuals can move beyond the pain of loss to find meaning, purpose, and ultimately, renewal. Grief, far from being a journey of despair, holds potential for growth, insight, and personal transformation. It is a journey that leads us toward a new normal, one that is uniquely ours, filled with compassion, appreciation, and optimally, the inspiration derived from the enduring power of love.

The Art of Energetic Alchemy

Evolutionary Alchemy

integrates the Wonders of Multimodal Metaphysical Energetic Frequency, Vibration and Resonance.

The Art of Energetic Alchemy coaching and mentoring program is tailored for healers, coaches, Reiki, and holistic practitioners ready to skillfully and intuitively blend Sound Healing, Shamanic Reiki Drumming, Crystal Grids, and more into a harmonious tapestry of multimodal healing. Craft your unique, awe-inspiring signature offering, elevating each client’s spiritual journey to new heights.

Pathway Services Sacred Harmonix Fusion Session

Evolutionary Harmonix

entails a 3-hour ethereal experience through our Harmonix Fusion Meditation Journey. It begins with heart-centered
dialogue that nurtures your Soul’s intention. Gentle waves of sound healing touch and amplify your inner brilliance that transcends, heals, and elevates your frequency. Through energetic coaching, realignment, harmonizing sound, quantum light, and sacred practices, you are immersed in universal flow.

Mastery Coaching & Mentoring

Evolutionary Coaching

unlocks new perceptions, realign
thought patterns, amplify wisdom, and clarity, embracing your Soul’s purpose. Deepen sensory clarity and accelerate intuition. Align with innate capacities supporting your most meaningful life. Nina creates nurturing spaces rooted in your essence. Embrace Evolutionary Coaching for holistic development and higher brilliance.

Creating Sacred<br />
Conscious Spaces

Evolutionary Healing

provides deep cellular healing immersions in nurturing space merging research-based insights with spiritual wisdom. This 3-½ hour experience embraces and heals the Mother Wound, understanding its depth and impact on both personal and collective levels. Unite mind, body, and spirit on a
transformative journey of empowerment and fulfillment.

“Unlocking your dormant potential is a journey fueled by self-awareness, intention, and persistent action. It’s about discovering the strengths and passions that define your essence, crafting goals that resonate with your authentic self, and embarking on bold explorations that light up your soul.”



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