The WilloWomen Way

About Us

Nina Roberts Salveson and Carolyn Vinup

Founders and Architects of Evolutionary Awakening

“We are the spark that ignites deep personal and collective change, the dance of inner-empowerment, and the weavers of vibrant tomorrows: fusing timeless wisdom with modern zest, crafting a destiny that radiates the joy of Living In Fullest Expression”.

– Nina and Carolyn, Founders of WilloWomen World


Meet Nina Roberts Salveson and Carolyn Vinup, the founders of WilloWomen World.

About Nina

Nina Roberts SalvesonAs a master transpersonal depth coach and mentor, Nina Roberts Salveson, DscM, MA, CMPPC, holds a deeply sacred space in guiding clients through a painless experience of alchemizing generational trauma and pain that have been translated as false, limiting beliefs and mindsets causing discontent, and self-sabotage. Nina guides women through difficult and often painful or challenging transitions, guiding them through radical self-discovery, self-knowing, understanding, and personal mastery. A metaphysical and healing catalyst, her expertise lies in helping women awaken to their soul’s calling and inner-powered life blueprint.

About Carolyn

Carolyn VinupCarolyn Vinup excels in creating sacred spaces where your Soul can dance. With over two decades of experience as a Sound Healer, Mindfulness Facilitator, Sound Healing Trainer, and Feng Shui expert, she magnifies expanded states of consciousness that nurture personal and spiritual growth. Grounded in diverse modalities and energetic techniques, Carolyn’s transformative impact resonates widely. Serving as a dedicated catalyst, she provides safe and nurturing spaces for awakening, expansion, transformation, and evolution. Through her Soul Sessions, Carolyn opens gateways to women’s inherent wisdom, igniting pathways to heightened consciousness and magnifying the brilliance of inner light.

About Us

Nina Roberts Salveson and Carolyn Vinup are the visionary founders behind WilloWomen World™, serving as dedicated catalysts for evolutionary awakening through profound transformation. United by a common commitment to empowering women, they introduced The WilloWomen Way of Evolutionary Awakening.

Nina and Carolyn excel in a diverse range of disciplines including energetic healing, creating sacred space, facilitation, spiritual psychology, human development, neuroscience, and mindfulness. Their combined wealth of experience significantly enriches the holistic depth of The WilloWomen Way™ methodology and its offerings.

Nina’s specialization in Adult Human Development, Energetic Healing, Metaphysics, Ecopsychology, Transformational Depth Coaching seamlessly complements Carolyn’s expertise in Spiritual Growth, Sacred Spaces, and Sound Healing. This synergy has given rise to a movement that establishes connections, fosters liberation, and promotes elevation for the purpose of personal evolution. Guided by their visionary leadership, individuals engage in a transformative journey that liberates them and sparks their profound evolution.

Over the past two years, our immersion in the creation of The WilloWomen Way™ has allowed us to intimately experience the unfolding of this profound pathway toward inner empowerment. As our Hearts and Souls expanded through our own evolutionary awakenings, we bore witness to one another’s individuality and shared growth in wisdom, insight, delight, joy, and profound freedom.

“Nina and Carolyn are expert facilitators, creators of sacred space, ritual, and ceremony, and have an exceptionally keen grasp of energetics, sound, and frequency. They are dedicated to helping women break free, radiantly awaken, and live from their inner power and light”. – Sophia

“Carolyn and Nina are like Modern Midwives for LIFE-Life In Full Expression. They are gifted in harnessing the power of ceremony, the beauty of ritual, the wisdom of the feminine heart, and the multidimensional consciousness of the women’s higher mind”.
– Angela

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