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Evolutionary Awakening

Women Evolving, Empowered, Embodied in Soul-Full Love


Reach the pinnacle of your personal evolution through our immersive journey
of healing, turning wounds into wisdom, opening new portals of awareness and accelerating mastery and soulful embodiment.  

Nina Roberts Salveson and Carolyn Vinup, Founders of WilloWomen World and Creators of The WilloWomen Way


As Evolutionary Awakening Architects and Accelerators, we know that women are key to forging a new era of unity, harmony, and balance.

Our belief in women resonates deeply with the qualities symbolized by the Willow and Lotus.

Like the resilient Willow Tree, embodying wisdom, inspiration, and love, and the transformative Lotus, representing love, oneness, and self-mastery, women hold the potential to lead with compassion, wisdom, and a commitment to collective unity.

Join us in Evolutionary Awakening to reclaim your power, embody your highest potential, and co-create a world of profound transformation and healing

Nina and Carolyn, co-founders

The Invitation

In the quiet whisper of your soul’s deep yearning, An invitation blooms, its light eternal, burning.

The WILLOW Way of Women’s Empowerment calls, A path where every woman rises, stands tall.

WILLOW—the Will of Women Rising into Love, Legacy unfolds beneath stars above. Oneness weaves through hearts, hand in hand, Wisdom blossoms, a sacred, ancient strand.

In the depths of mud, a seed takes flight, A journey begins in the heart of night. LOTUS — Love, Oneness, Transformation’s sweet grace, Unity and Self-Mastery, our destined place.

From darkness to dawn, a sprout so tender, Emerging, embracing life’s full splendor. The White Lotus Diamond Light, our guiding star, Leads us to realms where true transformations are.

We rise, we bloom, with petals wide, In unity and Love, we stand beside each other. Each woman is a beacon, a radiant light, Together we flourish, pure and bright.

This is The Invitation, our sacred quest, To awaken, transform, and be our best.  Join us in this journey, heart to heart, In the WILLOW Way, where new beginnings start.

For in the mud, where dreams are sown, A Lotus blooms, in Love, we’ve grown. The Will of Women, rising to be free, In Legacy, Oneness, Wisdom—eternally.

Come, step into the light, the path is clear, Your soul’s great journey, now draws near. The White Lotus Diamond Light awaits, Embrace your power, and unlock the gates.

The WILLOW Way of Women’s Empowerment

Women Inspiring Love, Legacy, Oneness and Wisdom.

The Will of Women Rising

Evolutionary Awakening anchors the frequency of Divine Love and the Embodiment of your I AM Soul Frequency.


Love is the foundational frequency of all our teachings and experience, serving as the ultimate catalyst for our greatest evolution.

By raising our frequency and embodying Divine Love, we contribute to the collective shift towards higher consciousness and unity. The ripple effect of our personal evolution fosters a global environment of peace, harmony and Love.

Discover The WILLOW Way of Women’s Empowerment Journey Modules

White Lotus

Our Evolutionary Awakening Process contains modules that include healing, turning wounds into wisdom, opening new portals of awareness and accelerating mastery and soul-full embodiment.

The WILLOW Way is experienced in Sacred Circles of Women that foster presence, safety, healing, empowerment, inspiration, joy and laughter.

Our mastery in creating and facilitating Sacred Circles seamlessly weaves transformational rituals, practices, ceremonies, initiations, nourishment, deep connection, sharing, reflection and rest.

The journey encompasses the activation and attunement of key codes that are essential to Evolutionary Awakening. These codes reveal the frequencies and source teachings that are key to the process.

  • WILLOW: Women Rising Inspiring, Love, Legacy, Oneness and Wisdom
  • LOTUS: Love, Oneness, Transformation Unity and Self-Mastery
  • White Lotus Diamond Light: Key Codes and Source Frequency

Your Greatest Evolution Awaits!

(Modules MUST BE completed in sequential order)

Wounds into Wisdom


Turning Wounds Into Wisdom

Turning Wounds into Wisdom is a 4-week series with
7-hour days focused on
deep healing of Heart, Mother/Matriarch, Father/Patriarch, and Collective Wounds,
concluding with Realignment and Integration of healed wounds. Turning wounds into wisdom begins here and is fully supported in Module 2.



Evolutionary Awakening Accelerator

Evolutionary Awakening Accelerator focuses on Initiations, Transmissions, and Crossing Thresholds, emphasizing the activation and clarity of the Soul I AM frequency to accelerate self-discovery through awareness assessments that expand personal insight, supporting break through and personal liberation.




Mastery – Become A Living Legacy as you
embody your I AM Soul frequency, while
expanding your evolutionary and multi-sensory skillsets.

This module includes
savoring energetic practices, mastery meditations,
OM work, and deepening into
sacred presence.

Wounds into Wisdom


Soul-Full Embodiment

Soul-Full Embodiment provides the deepest pinnacle of the Evolutionary
Awakening Journey as you receive the White Lotus Diamond Light Frequencies,
Codes and Source Teachings. This Alchemical Transcendance elevates your
energy, frequency and vibration as you embody more of your Divine Soul, and

Experience Whispers of the Willow: A Guided Meditation

Whispers of the Willow
is an 18-minute journey
guiding you to the beauty
within your Soul.

Reconnect to the power source of your Soul’s
knowing as the Willow guides you on this restorative journey of self-exploration, leading you on your path
to self-realization.

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