Midlife Women Creating a Bold Living Legacy

Evolutionary Awakening

Accelerating MidLife Women
Ready to Embrace LIFE in Full Expression

LIFE means Living In Full Expression

  • Self-Awareness & Clarity

  • Purpose & Meaning

  • Empowerment & Fulfillment

  • Growth & Resilience

  • Well-being & Inner Peace

  • Vitality & Balance

  • Joy & Connection

  • Deeper Relationships & Laughter

  • Creativity & Passion

What do you most deeply desire and yearn for in your life?

The WilloWomen’s Way offers a
new road map for MidLife Women.

Accelerates Your Individual Awakening, Infuses Your Personal Growth with the Power of Love, Merges Collective Evolution with Compassionate Connection, and Aligns  Authentic Truth with Inner Transformation and Outer Expression. 

WilloWomen = The Will of Women in the mid-season of life; Rising into self-empowered connection to Soul, Becoming a Joyful Sage, and Creating a Bold Living Legacy.

This Is the WAY of Empowerment to Fulfilling Your Destiny
in the Emerging Human Era.

Your Soul’s Quest

At WilloWomen World, our mission is to illuminate the path for midlife women to seize their wisdom and power, embrace their authentic selves, and realize their ultimate potential. We assist in awakening feminine power and aligning it with the strength of the masculine essence, creating more inner-to-out harmony, balance, and peace. We envision women claiming their full potential and their space as wise and boldly confident individuals who recognize their most important relationship is with themselves. As midlife women ourselves, we are dedicated to this mission through decades of work, study, and experience with thousands of women.

We understand that Your Soul Seeks:

  • A Deeper Relationship with Yourself: Cultivate self-awareness and understanding.
  • Empower Your Essence: Ignite the inner spark to illuminate your path with strength and confidence.
  • Embodied Wholeness: Integrate all facets of your being into harmony and balance.
  • Expansion and Growth: Embrace learning, experiences, and overcoming challenges.
  • Expression: Share your unique gifts with passion, authenticity, dignity, and honor.
  • Connection and Community: Foster meaningful relationships with yourself and others.
  • Integration: Align all aspects of yourself with your true essence.
  • Sovereignty: Embrace autonomy and liberation from limitations as an expression of your genuine free will.
  • Fulfillment and Joy: Achieve self-realization of your purpose and destiny.
  • Transcendence: Attain higher consciousness and oneness with the divine.

As the co-founders of WilloWomen World and The Way of Evolutionary Awakening
programs, we have deeply explored the essence of the women’s soul, individually and
collectively. Our extensive experience in healing, empowerment, consciousness
energetics, spiritual growth, and transformational coaching has enriched us with
profound insights. This expertise positions us as pioneers, mentors, and leading
authorities in Evolutionary Awakening.

Are you ready to BREAK THROUGH barriers and limitations, unlock your full potential, and embrace your innate power to fulfill your destiny?

Our Invitation

Empowering Women to Break Through Barriers
to Authentic Fulfillment

Empowering women in the middle season of life—those in their 40s, 50s, and 60s—to break through barriers and limitations is at the core of evolutionary awakening. Realize your most authentic and fulfilling relationship with yourself. With the WilloWomen WAY, embark on a profound journey inward to uncover, heal, and reclaim parts of yourself obscured by conditioned beliefs and societal norms. Breaking through means fully embracing your personal power to bring your deepest desires, purpose, and destiny to life.

We are dedicated to evolutionary awakening, seeing it as the way to elevate women through the power of love. By fusing our capacity for love, empathy, and emotional intelligence, we empower women to inspire love, leave legacies, foster unity, and share wisdom. YOU are the key to your brightest future.

Welcome Home, WilloWomen.
Nina and Carolyn, Co-founders

Are you curious about how you can harness your personal power?

The WilloWomen Way

WilloWomen is about the “Will of Women” rising to reclaim and embrace their personal power. This is the key to evolutionary awakening that is essential to fulfilling a greater destiny.  We believe that Women are KEY to forging a new era of unity, harmony, and balance on planet Earth. Together we can be the bridge that inspires love, legacy, oneness, and wisdom throughout humanity.  Evolutionary Awakening offers the WAY forward through connection, liberation, evolution, and elevation.

Your Greatest Evolution Awaits!


Connect – Your Catalyst for
Break Through

Connecting unlocks your inner world, confronting barriers and uncovering limiting beliefs. Gain clarity on your soul’s desires and unique aspects of yourself. Deepen connections with other women in your cohort, fostering a sense of safety, belonging, and unconditional support. 


Liberate – Your Path to Freedom

Break free from human conditioning rooted in childhood, societal wounds, and limiting beliefs. Shed layers of limitation, embrace your authentic self, and contribute to collective liberation. Release the obstacles that dim your light, and support the freedom of others in a nurturing environment.


Evolve – Your Process of Integration 

With liberation comes evolution. Integrate your growth into a unified awareness, activating new skills and unlocking your full potential. Harmonize your multifaceted self, aligning with your true essence and inner wisdom. Discover your unique abilities, archetypal gifts, and soul’s blueprint, credo, and manifesto.


Elevate – Your Expansion into
Higher Consciousness

Elevate your life through evolutionary awakening. Explore your inner depths, reclaim hidden facets, and dismantle limitations to reveal your true strength. Manifest your deepest desires, fulfill your unique purpose, and step boldly into your destined future. Live authentically, align with your highest consciousness, and make empowered choices for a significant and fulfilling life.

Are you ready for your deepest relationship with yourself?
Are you ready to embrace your personal power and fulfill your destiny?

Will you say YES to the Clarion Call of Your Soul? 

If your answer is YES, you are ready for Evolutionary Awakening!

The WilloWomen Way of Evolutionary Awakening™ Signature Program

The WilloWomen Way of Evolutionary Awakening through Alchemical Transcendance and Integration™ Signature Program

Welcome to your Greatest
Evolutionary Awakening.

The WilloWomen Way of Evolutionary Awakening is not just another personal growth program. It is in fact, a calling to women who are ready to move beyond achievement into full self-realization. This journey aligns with you-your Soul-as you weave the tapestry of your destiny, creating your legacy of love, wisdom, and self-empowerment.

Are you ready for the next level in your life?

Women who complete our Evolutionary Awakening Signature Program forge an unwavering bond with themselves that is the Key to transcending obstacles and limitations and clear the way to fulfilling your purpose and destiny. 

Women Inspiring Love, Legacy, Oneness and Wisdom.

Having completed the Evolutionary Awakening Signature Program, it’s time to step into transcendent mastery with us at WilloWomen. Embrace unity’s dance, where ‘you,’ ‘me,’ ‘we,’ and ‘us’ merge into oneness. Let’s embody WILLOW’s divine essence: Women Inspiring Love, Legacy, Oneness, and Wisdom. Journey beyond self and into ascended mastery with WilloWomen World. 

The Will of Women Rising

As your relationship with your Soul-embodied Self further deepens and expands, rest assured, you belong among like-minded women who call WilloWomen home.  Women ascend faster, better, braver, and bolder into personal mastery, achievement and success when we are in a supportive, caring, encouraging, and joyful community with other Women.

Experience Whispers of the Willow: A Guided Meditation

Whispers of the Willow
is an 18-minute journey
guiding you to the beauty
within your Soul.

Reconnect to the power source of your Soul’s
knowing as the Willow guides you on this restorative journey of self-exploration, leading you on your path
to self-realization.

Your Journey Begins Here!

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